Posted by: dariusamiri | March 6, 2009

Cool 80’s Guy-Off-Athon

The 80’s were pretty awesome, but I’m not one of those annoying chicks that wear legwarmers under black tights and cutoff Jordache jeanshorts with New Kids on the Block patches on their backpacks that I act like I hate but I secretly kind of want to bang… where was I going with this? Let me think: McHammer, Alabama Slammer, Slammer-Pogs, Ants on a Log, Log Jam, Son of Sam, Sam Maloney, Beers, Cheers, Cheers! Cheer’s was an 80’s show, that’s right we are talking about the 80’s.

Like I said, the 80’s were pretty awesome. They gave us hypercolor, the Civil Rights movement, peace in the Middle East, and many of the pyramids according to some scientist somewhere. The 80’s also provided some of the greatest tv shows, and consequently most memorable tv characters, of a generation. To honor and pay tribute to these cool tv dudes, we Duckbutts have created the Cool 80’s Guy-Off-Athon. Each week we will pitt two cool 80’s guys against each other, and let you decide who moves on to the next round. At the end of the month, we will crown a champion, and I will name my firstborn son or daughter after that 80’s tv icon.

This week’s matchup:

Officer Thomas “Tom” Hansen Jr. (21 Jump Street) vs. Alex P. Keaton (Family Ties)

Officer Tom

Officer Tom


A.P. Keaton

Now I know what you are thinking, what the F is he doing? Putting up these two iconic 80’s masters against each other this early in the game. Well, yeah it might be a little shortsighted, but believe me, the 80’s are just that stocked with talent that I can risk making a bold parlay such as this. A.P. Keaton v. Tom Hansen Jr…

Better 80’s icon? You decide.


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